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Call 2020

CALL 2020


Who are the monsters? Who are your monsters? What roles do they play in your life, in your subconscious, in your nights? Are these terrifying beings causing you nightmares and preventing you from sleeping? Or are they good and loyal friends, road companions, always ready for nocturnal talk?

Beyond the dichotomy of the wicked and the kind, the monster, in its etymology and function, shows and warns. As such, the monster functions as an oracle making us attentive to what time produces as collective fears and fantasies.
Often embodying the substance of anguish and the possibility of deviance, we see in the monster a powerful subversive and emancipatory lever. It is the possibility to escape "normality", to contradict and twist it by being multiple, hybrid, and in constant mutation. The monster is an ode to metamorphosis. The monster is the need to give shape to the imaginary, to be free, to be non-consensual and where everything is possible all the time.

Good evening Dr. Jekyll, ah no sorry, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, werewolf, Rababou, Dracula, dragon, giant octopus, gorgon, harpy, gargoyle, sea monster and other becoming mutants, welcome to Fribourg, the Belluard Festival is waiting for you and needs your screams for its 2020 edition.


The Belluard Festival is in itself a cabinet de curiosités. Therefore, it brings together and supports big and small monsters, daring beings, and freaks' projects that do not respond to a logic of market or product. The Belluard Festival favors the rage of creation, the need for reflection, the demand for research and the breath of poetry.


The CALL is set up in partnership between the Belluard Festival and the Migros Culture Percentage. It is aimed at artists / professional monsters from the international community and allows them to propose a new creation for the 2020 edition of the Festival.
The projects are selected by an international jury and will receive a contribution between CHF 2'000.- and CHF 12'000.- for production.


Deadline: December 9th, 2019
Jury: January 2020
Results of the selection of the jury: February 2020
Meeting and site visits (if necessary): March 2020
Creation of projects: March-June 2020
Presentation of the creations at the 37th edition of the Festival: June 25 to July 4, 2020 in Fribourg (CH) 

To be accepted, the application must be filled online (link deleted) (please refer to the conditions of participation)

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