Festival Belluard Bollwerk International



The Belluard Bollwerk International, which held an extraordinary general meeting on 17 September 2019, has chosen Mrs Laurence Wagner as the new director of the festival for the next three editions (2020-2022).

After having taken note of her artistic project for the festival and auditioned the candidate proposed by the committee, the assembly of members of the Belluard Bollwerk International association appointed Mrs Laurence Wagner as director of the Belluard Festival.

Following her appointment, Laurence Wagner emphasizes that she would like to "think of the festival as a place of convergence and research but also as a place to share our anger and make visible the shadows of our scenes, our cities and our imaginations. It is important for me to reflect all together and to shout, through artistic practices, our revolts and hopes." She adds that it is essential "to listen to the spirit of the times, the noise of ideas, social needs and environmental emergencies. To give space to critical thinking, to create links, to allow oneself to anger but also to the poetry that can emanate from it. The programme will thus be shaped by these dimensions with projects with expanded temporalities, generations and geographies."

Laurence Wagner takes up her position in October 2019. She succeeds Anja Dirks who has programmed a total of five editions of the Belluard Festival.