Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Watch & Talk

At the invitation of Migros Culture Percentage, eight emerging Swiss and international artists meet at the Belluard Festival for a watch & talk. Together with the artistic director of the MIR Festival in Athens, they embark on a 10-day journey of discovery in and around Fribourg, using the festival programme as their guide. They attend all of the performances and events, discuss their experiences, draw inspiration from them, offer constructive criticism, network and develop a metareflection on their own artistic practices.

Participants this year are:

Baran Caginli (Turkey), Carlos Castilian (Mexico), Malik Ntone Edjabe (South Africa), Polen Ly (Cambodia), Lea Moro (Zurich), Tegan Peacock (South Africa), Virginie Portier (Vich) et Esra Ugurlu (Fribourg).

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Thu 22.6. 20:00 - Sat 1.7. 20:00

Chair Christiana Galanopoulou

watch & talk is a Migros Culture Percentage project in collaboration with the Belluard Festival