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Frank-Olivier Cottier


Selfie Tower

Pop-up architecture

A tower stands in the middle of the tiny 50-metre-long Rue des Epouses in Fribourg. Given the narrowness of the street and the positioning of the installation, visitors have to make a choice: walk around it or through it? Those who go for the second option will find a staircase that takes them up to the level of the decorative sign hanging 4.6 metres above the street, which depicts a couple of lovebirds from a bygone era, their backs to the cathedral. Just enough time to take a quick selfie with the faithful wife and the model husband before heading back down and out on to the other side of the street that leads to Saint-Nicolas Cathedral.

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, Busstop Fribourg, Tilleul, buslines 1, 2, 6    

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BBI Production
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  • Fri 23.6. 12:00 - Sat 1.7. 00:00
  • entry free | preview 23.6 12:00

Concept Frank-Olivier Cottier Joiner Henri Dessiex Carpenter Jürg Mäder Architect Henar Varela Engineer Tobie Brunny Consultant Mansour Noverraz With support from RPR Gmbh Düdingen, SiBois Fribourg, ECF Group Fribourg, Schnetzler SA Givisiez, Holzbau Mäder & Partner Flamatt

Produced with support from the Canton of Fribourg Cultural Promotion Fund and Migros Cultural Percentage, co-funder of the call for projects Art in unexpected places

 Presentation supported by Pro Helvetia

© Elisabeth Herrmann