Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Matthieu Amiguet, Eléonore Varone, François Vermot & Gilles d'Andrès

(Neuchâtel, Genève & Fribourg)

Boulevard des champs

Sound installation from the city into the countryside

Traffic noise, but there is not a car in sight. The sound of footsteps, but there is no-one around. Snippets of conversations, but you can’t see anyone talking. Over a 24-hour period, the Boulevard des champs transmits the noises and sounds of Fribourg’s busiest road, the boulevard de Pérolles, to a small path in Bourguillon. As visitors ramble through the countryside, the sounds of the city – café terraces, bus stops, shop entrances – fill the air. This project questions the relationship between the urban and the rural, as well as the gradual rezoning of agricultural land and wooded areas for construction. One day this secluded path where walkers let their minds and body wander could become subsumed into the urban space, too.

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BBI Production
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Chemin à Bourguillon
  • Tue 27.6. 18:00 - Wed 28.6. 18:00
  • entry free

Concept and realisation Eléonore Varone, François Vermot, Gilles d’Andrès, Matthieu Amiguet Production Les Chemins de Traverse, Belluard Festival

Produced with support from the Canton of Fribourg Cultural Promotion Fund and Migros Cultural Percentage, co-funder of the call for projects Art in unexpected places

Presentation supported by Pro Helvetia

© François Vermot